مايو 07، 2009

The art of taking the wrong decision

For years, I kept thinking that life is unfair. I saw it as an MCQ (a multiple choice question) to which all answers are incorrect. I thought that somehow I was obliged to commit a mistake. Thus, all what I thought I could do was to choose the least incorrect answer. I thought that in order to bet, I should have a proven pony, and wept having nothing but some pitiful old horses that would dust even before the race begins. t

So, I guess you know what follows a wrong decision: regret. You think that you are foolish because you have spoiled everything and ruined your life. Forgive me for this friendly fire insult, but I have to say that you (and me of course) are absolutely foolish. Every one of us takes a share in formulating the question. We put the question, get puzzled searching for the most suitable answer, and end up accusing life, conditions, others, whatever, or whoever for our present situation. t

Some people are rational. Schools have spoiled them. They think that the one who exerts an effort should see a proportional positive result. They give themselves a chance to think. When they begin calculating their next movements, they sometimes begin with a false postulate. They reach a seemingly fascinating result which appears on its outer surface to be 100 percent true. Sooner or later, such people discover that their minds have misled them, and begin to question the reason for enduring their painful life. t

I came these days to think that life is a chess game. Your first decisions affect your next ones. Radically thinking, we discover that life is a zero-sum game. This means that you begin with nothing and end up with nothing. However, your first choices can let you be a winner, and it can lead you to failure. t

You know that yellow triangle put on hazardous materials? It kept popping out in my mind for more than five years. A sign deep in my brain kept kicking the tissues of my damned nerve cells, saying that the direction I am taking is a wrong one. I was hastily heading toward a steep rocky cliff. I did not give myself a chance to confront my fears, and question the whole thing. I did not even listen to the advice given by my most honest mentors. With the passage of time, I found myself exposed to a big loss. I had exerted tons of efforts, and invested/wasted a lot of time and money. So, I thought that going back and starting over would be a WRONG DECISION. Then, I reached a terminal point in my life where I decided to lose in order to win. t

So, I left home, resigned from my job, broke up with my fiancée, left my baby project to my partners to manage and suffered a great deal to find a new job, and of course a new life. I looked around and realized that I have lost everything I ever pursued, and that I am now hunting for new dreams. I felt my throat narrow with fear, and my brain boiling with worries. I then came to realize that I am a RENEGADE. t

You know what I am translating these days? It is Rules for the  Renegades, by Christine Comaford. I read the book, and it feels like it recounts my life story. Its lines echo my past fears and gives me hope in a brighter future. Now, I know that I did not lose anything. I have just spared myself a loss that could have been even bigger. t

Christine thinks that in life every idea can be thought of as either an illusion or a delusion. She says that everything in life is an illusion and we should choose one that is empowering. An illusion is an idea you can challenge, change, improve or totally remove. When we think that we can do nothing towards an idea, letting it dominate our world, it is then a delusion. t

So, you should master the art of taking the wrong decision (or the decision you have always thought to be wrong). Get rid of your worries and fears. Try out new life instead of that which has not worked for you. t

This article was written in honor of: t
Miss Aya Mesh Hena t

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Isolde يقول...

To u, and to Miss Aya of course, i dedicate my favourite poem, for my favourite poet, Robert Frost

The Road Not Taken

TWO roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.
I really adore this poem, it's about taking choices in life, enjoy

عمرو يقول...

You r taking me in Isolde. I need to hear u more. I know Frost's words r facinating, but I want urs
waiting for ur detailed comment
u know I am good at listening

Isolde يقول...

Well, friend
u know I'm the last one to say anything about choices in life, i've always made the wrong ones, and i'm always left with bitterness and regret. But i don't mind following ur final suggestion and trying sth other than the one that didn't work 4 me... i'm doing my best to weigh the choices that lie before me... wish me good luck

آية مش هنا يقول...

بص بقى .. انا قريت البوست الخميس بالليل كذا مرة ، و فضلت فاتحاه عشان اعلق ، و معرفتعش ، و الجمعة قعدت و فتحته برضو ، وقريته كام مرة ، و قلت هعلق ، و معرفتش ..
النهاردة قلت لا بقى .. مش عاملة حاجة الا لما اعلق ...

أنا من فئة الناس التي تخدعها الكلمات و تراوغها و تأبى عليها الخروج حيث أطلبها ..

هو انا الأول يعني .. أشكرك ازاي بجد بجد ؟

For years, I kept thinking that life is unfair. I saw it as an MCQ (a multiple choice question) to which all answers are incorrect

من قريب كنت بقول اني عشت طول حياتي أتمرد على الأسئلة مغلقة النهايات في الحياة ..نعم أو لا .. و انها لما بقت الاختيارات متعددة .. بقت أصعب ، و رجعت اتمنى لو ترجع مغلقة النهايات تاني .

Sooner or later, such people discover that their minds have misled them, and begin to question the reason for enduring their painful life.

جت ع الجرح اوي .. انا ممن يجبنون امام لحظة اعتراف كهذه ... رغم اني ببقى عارفاها :(

عارف اللعبة القديمة اللي كانوا بيلعبوها معانا و احنا أطفال ، لما يخبولنا حاجات حلوة ف ايديهم و يقفلوا ايديهم الاتنين و يمدوهملنا و يقولولنا تاخدوا اليمين و لا الشمال بابتسامات خبيثة و نظرات غريبة كده، و احنا بمنتهى الفضول و الإثارة نبذل مجهود في التنبؤ الحاجة اللي نفسنا فيها في انهي ايد ، و نختار ، فتلاقيهم بيقولولك خلاص خد التانية .. :| :|
اهو حاسة الحياة عاملة معايا كده ..
اقول يمين .. تقولي طب خدي الشمال ..

أتوق لقراءة ما تترجم حاليا ..

و لو في جملة بقولها لنفسي كتير الأيام دي .. تبقى
I know that I did not lose anything. I have just spared myself a loss that could have been even bigger.

جاري العمل بالنصيحة الأخيرة ، و البحث عن حياة أخرى ..ممكن أمشيها سوداوية لحد ما الاقي الحاجة المناسبة طيب؟؟ :)

الا صحيح .. بعد مدة كده .. لاقي الحياة الجديدة بالأحلام الجديدة .. شكلها ازاي ؟؟ عرفت تحبها يعني ؟

امتناني لك تاني :) ..
دمت بود.

عمرو يقول...

Let us hope tht the next phase of our lives (u, me, and those who read my blog) will be mor satisfactory. I am sure the questions will be now much easier cuz we if we decided to start over, and confront our past and way of thinking. Wish u a more than perfect life.

عمرو يقول...

أهلاً آية
أنا وعدت ووفيت. بس ما تشكرينيش. هاتي كشكول واكتبي فيه التاريخ واللي حصل وعدي جمايلي عليكي.

والله أنا لسة في مرحلة التحول. لسة في عنق الزجاجة زي ما بتقول الحكومة. ما أقدرش أحكم على التجربة. أنا يمكن لقيت أحلام جدية. بس الأحلام الجدية صعبة التحقيق جدا. واحتمال ما تتحققش خالص. بس أنا مش باعرف أعيش وأحلم بأحلام بسيطة. الحياة بتبقى ما لهاش طعم. لكن لما الواحد بيحلم بحلم كبير بيعيش وهو كله نشاط عشان يحققه. ممكن بعد سنين يصاب بالإحباط بس أنا معايا ناس بتقف جنبي. أنا كل يوم باحمد ربنا إنه بيعرفني على ناس بتحبني. بابقى ماشي في الطرق وهما يمدوا إيدهم ويسلموا ويسألوا عني.
الحياة حالياً خالية من ضغوط كتيرة كنت خالقها لنفسي قبل كده. واحلام جدية على المستويين الشخصي والمهني نفسي تتحقق. ادعي لاخوكي

عمرو يقول...

ملحوظة يا آية
يتم استبدال كل كلمة "جدية" في التعليق بتاعي بكلمة "جديدة" وآسف على الخطأ

عمرو يقول...

تعرف يا عمرو البوست ده عملاق يا ابني ربنا يحميك لشبابك

آية مش هنا يقول...

لا خلاص مش هشكر .. هشوف موضوع الكشكول ده .. بس هيقضي ايه و لا ايه يعني ؟؟
ثم تفتكر عد الجمايل يتناسب مع طبيعة المرحلة السوداوية يعني ؟؟

هو انت كمان من اللي مبيعرفوش يعيشوا بأحلام بسيطة .. الحمد لله الحمد لله اني لحقت عرفت ان في حد كده قبل ما افقد الامل :)
ربنا يراضيك و يجعل احلامك اقرب لك مما تتخيل :)

ملحوظة : مرديتش على كومنت عمرو الاخراني .. بيقولك البوست عملاق .. رد عليه لا يزعل بقى

عمرو يقول...

أهلا آية
ممكن أعد أنا لغاية ما تنتهي المرحلة السوداوية على خير.
أشكرك على الدعوة والأمنية وربنا يسمع منك.

أهلاً عمرو
ده أسعد يوم في حياتي لما شخصية عظيمة زيك تقرا كلامي. بس ده تواضع. آجي إيه أنا قدام اللي بتكتبه

أحمد الشمسي يقول...

انت هتقعد بقى كل ما تترجم كتاب تنزل بوست... وتصدعنا؟

عمرو يقول...

ده قصر ديل يا احمد